Small Group Swim Lessons | Jo Borthwick Swimming Tuition
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Small Group Swim Lessons

Perfect learning environment

Our small class sizes are designed to build confidence, develop individual stroke technique and enable the teacher to fully engage with every child in the class.  As a result, pupils will see rapid progress and become confident, able swimmers.

Class sizes are a minimum of two children per group and a maximum of six children per group – this all depends on ability and age of our children.  For more advanced lessons we recommend Marlborough College where are focus is on strength, endurance and technique.

Price: £15

Small group swimming lessons
Group swimming lessons in Wiltshire
We have been with Jo and her team for nearly four years. Both our boys have dramatically improved not only in technique but in confidence as well. They love swimming so much and that is credit to Jo and her amazing team.


Group Swimming Lessons in Action

If you are not sure if one of our group classes would be right for your child, please watch the video to see how these work.


Alternatively, please request a free assessment and one of our instructors will be happy to advise on the best option.

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Please get in touch for further information or to register.