Swim England Accredited Swimming Lessons | Jo Borthwick Swimming Tuition
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How We Work

We provide Swim England accredited swimming lessons suitable for all ages from toddlers to adults. Our lessons are small, fun and focused.  Teaching at a very high standard, we achieve fast, satisfying results.

The backbone of our lessons is Self-Rescue. We ensure all of our swimmers, whether 121 or group lessons, learn first and foremost how to be safe in the water.  Each pupil’s swimming journey will progress from self-rescue into stroke development and aquatic skills.  We combine our own syllabus with the Swim England pathway for stages 1-7 and beyond, including distance awards.

Jo Borthwick Swim to Be Safe

Our unique syllabus focuses on self-rescue.  Prior to stroke development every swimmer will demonstrate competency in stages 1 and 2 of our Swim Float Swim syllabus.


ASA learn to Swim courses
Jo Borthwick swimming lessons

Achievement Awards

Stroke Development and Aquatic Skills

In small groups our swimmers develop their understanding of each stroke.  We focus heavily on technique.  Demonstration as well as explanation enables a quick learning curve and progression in each pupil’s skill set.  In the early stages, as our teachers are in the pool they can demonstrate as well as assist each pupil to develop good habits with each stroke.  In the later stages our instructors use equipment (such as front mounted snorkels) to further technique development.

Please get in touch with us for further information or to register.