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Intensive Swimming Lessons

These courses run most half term holidays and also during the summer holidays. Sessions only run in the mornings allowing you time to get on with the rest of the day.


Excellent for New Starters to gain important water confidence and as a booster for those already in lessons to improve stroke technique and stamina.

Depending on the ability of your child we will place them in either 1-2-1 or group lessons, ensuring they get the most out of the week.

Intensive swimming lessons
Intensive swimming lessons
My son was fearless in the water, but lacked any control - which scared me. I signed up to the intensive life saving course and within a few days, my son was rolling on to his back and I knew he would be safe should he ever fall into a body of water. He was 2 years, 5 months old. He still swims with Jo and has grown in confidence as well as ability. My second son - aged 22 months - has just started with Jo as well, and has gone from being terrified of the water to absolutely loving it. I cannot recommend Jo more highly. In fact at least 3 of my friends have signed their little ones up with Jo after seeing my son swimming! Thank you, Jo - you are a literal life saver.


Intensive Lessons in Action

If you are not sure if an intensive course would be right for your child, please watch the video to see how these work.


Alternatively, please request a free assessment and one of our instructors will be happy to advise on the best option.

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Please get in touch for further info or to register.